Studio > Gear list - updated Mar 2024
(FMD Electronics is Tommy Jansson's own brand with custom home made electronic prototype units. Read more about it here)

Intel Core i7 4GHz 32GB RAM 64 bits OS 2xSSD
RME RayDat HDSPe PCIEX (Adat Soundcard)

RME ADI-2 Pro Fs (Master AD/DA)

4 x ADA8200 AD/DA ADAT

Software DAW/Audio Editors:
Steinberg Cubase 13 Pro

Steinberg Wavelab 11 Pro

DAW Controller:
Icon Qcon Pro & 3 x Qcon Pro Expansions (32 ch motorised faders)

Samsung 49" Ultra wide curved QLED screen
2 x JVC white screens
Thomson 46" white smart tv screen

FMD Electronics A32 Balanced Sum mixer

Audio Monitors:
Genelec 8040BWM

Yamaha HS8w
2 x Dynavoice Challenger Sub 10 EX

Hardware Signal Processors/Shapers:
Audiosource EQ One Spectrum Analyzer

Art TPS2 Tube preamp system
Electro Harmonix V256
Roland VT-3
Yamaha DEQ7 Digital EQ
Yamaha REV7 Multi Effect
Yamaha EMP100 Multi Effect

Mooer GE150 Guitar Multi Effect
FMD Electronics VOC-10 Analogue Vocoder
FMD Electronics VCF2 Analogue Modulator
LEM DD-1000 (Vintage digital delay)

Hardware Synthesizers/Sound Sources:
Sequential Prophet 12 Limited Edition

Moog Subsequence 37 CV Limited Edition
Access Virus TI Polar
Access Virus TI2 Darkstar
Novation Supernova 2
Roland SH-01
Roland JX-1
Roland JX-3P
Roland MKS-100
Casio CZ-101
Casio Casiotone 101
Korg M3r
Korg P1
Quasimidi Quasar
Yamaha Motif Rack XS

Elsita RMIF
FMD Electronics Sound Machine II

Software Synthesizers/Instruments:
Arturia - Pigments 2
Arturia - Acid V
Arturia - Analog lab
Spectrasonics - Omnisphere2.5
Tone2 - Nemesis
Tone2 - Icarus
Tone2 - Gladiator
Tone2 - Warlock

Guitars & other instruments:
Fender Squier electric guitar


MIDI Controllers/Keyboards:
Arturia Keylab88

Irijule Theoryboard
Alesis Vortex Keytar

CME Xkey 25

2 x Shure SM58

Samson VHF Wireless Headset
Samson VHF Wireless Handheld mic
Spectrum Analyzer Mic

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X White

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Black
Sennheizer Splitter

Audio Players:
Technics SL-1210 mk2

Technics RS-B565 Cassette player
Denon DN-2000F

Philips DCC600
Philips DCC170

Studio Acoustics
Vicoustic Wavewood
t.akustik pyramid
Custom built Diffusors

Studio desk
Talla3 "Low rider" Mark II Custom built studio desk with 2 x 11HE side racks with integrated powersupply & subwoofers

Other Stuff:
Talla3 Analyzer Vu-Meters/MIDI

FMD Electronics MIDI Processor Unit M1610
HM705 Dual Trace Oscilloscope
Powerplay Pro-XL HA4700
Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496
Dualfex II EX822 Spectral Enhancer
Compressor/Limiter MDX1600
Equalizer FBQ1502
Furman PB-40
Europower EPQ1200
Pioneer DDJ-WeGO 3
2 x iPad Air 2

DJ PA & light equipments

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