The studio

This Sci-Fi themed studio is located on the countryside of east Sweden, south of Stockholm.
It was entirely built by Tommy Jansson as a home studio project.

Tommy has build several earlier homestudios but the main focus this time was not to just build a recording studio, but rather a clean place for inspiration,
where new ideas are brought to life. This High-Tech "man cave" studio construction project started in July 2014. After about 8 months in 2015 the first version
of the studio was up and running. This is currently the version 3.0, after yet another rebuild in 2018.

"- Now I can sit here doing nothing, just watching waterfalls on the big screen and chilling on the couch until inspiration hits me".

Follow the link below for step-by-step pictures and information about how the studio was built. (Includes also the custom build studio desk).
You will also find links to Pictures of the studio, a complete gear list and video clips.

This studio was in an earlier version also featured in the MusicTech Magazine in Aug 2015. Click here to read the interview from the MusicTech site.

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