We are in the starting point of setting up a simple shop here, where you will find artist merch and Talla3 gears.
More information will be posted here when available

2023-12-03 The 3rd prototype of the Talla3 VU-meter now called "Talla3 Analyzer" is on its final stage of developing. This new prototype has 3 main operations mode. 1- Audio VU meter, 2-MIDI metronome and MIDI notes display, 3- Light mode with static colors and moving pattern presets. Some programming and tests remains before it is ready. When this is done I'll reach out the the members on the interest list

2022-03 The Talla3 VU-meter prototype is under development to make it a final product. Right now there is delivery problems from electronic manufacturers, and we are still waiting for parts.
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