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Tommy GB Jansson's Background

Born on 28th of July 1970, Tommy grew up in Switzerland in a village outside of Geneva called Meyrin near the French border. He went to Swiss school and spoke French fluently.
Having the Alpes so close contributed to make skiing his greatest interest. He began to ski at the age of 3 and have been skiing ever since whenever possible.
Another interest that started at young age was sailing. The family traveled around Switzerland, France and Italy competing with small sailing boats.
Every summer, as he had Swedish parents they took the car and traveled through Europe up north to Sweden to visit grand parents and old friends.

Hobbies from early years was to build model railways and playing around with electronic components.
At the age of 12 he got a simple electronic keyboard as a birthday gift. And that along with his interest in the pirate radio stations transmitting from the French side of the border, was the starting point of his great music interest.

The family moved back to Sweden permanently in 1983 to Norrkoping. Tommy had almost reach the age of 13.

Pirate radio

With his electronic skills, Tommy build his first FM radio transmitter at the age of 14 with an output power of 100mW.
His very first own pirate radio transmissions. A cassette player connected to it playing some prerecorded music for his
friends to enjoy it, was the starting point of becoming a radio dj.
In the early 90's Tommy had build a more stable and powerful transmitter of 25W. His own live radio show going out twice a
week covering a radius of almost 30km was enjoyed by many listeners. Having the fear of getting cought everytime on the air
made Tommy stop his FM Stereo transmissions after a couple of years, and he concentrated on DJ:ing and making music instead.
Under a period of time he made some radio shows on commercial local radio stations though. The most appreciated show was
"Music Machine" playing and mixing 12 inch vinyls with special remixes and limited editions for the listeners to enjoy.


During the late 80's and thru the 90's, Tommy was DJ:ing at private parties with a friend of his, and also at some clubs in Sweden. Carrying his own equipment around everytime was a heavy job, especially the wooden case with 2 Technics SL-1200 vinyl players and a mixer built in.

His rig was later updated with an additional Denon DN-2000F Twin CD player to be able to play and mix CDs also.

Tommy started at young age back in 1978 to play around with electronic components. Having a dad as an electronic
engineer working at CERN, storing components at home was a gold mine to dig in for this interested little fellow.
Thru the years his interest in electronics grew more and more and he began to be really good at soldering components.

His big interest in computers began while still going into school in 1983 at his first summer job where they were working with IBM PC and the early versions of Apple computers. He managed to get himself an Apple IIe computer to take home and play around with. That was the starting point of his programming carrer.

Music career

An early influence was especially Kraftwerk that started his interest and love for electronic music.
His journey began in 1995 as the key member in the progressive trance group "HYPE" when they released an EP and an album signed to a small record label.
Talla3 & Defcon (former HYPE members) started a new project as a duo in 1998 called "ROT8" and finished a techno album called "Binary World" before they went separate ways.

In 1999 Talla3 began his solo journey and made 2 unofficial albums called "Secret Missions" and "alien.conspiracy".
The third album called "Humanoid III" from 2001 is the first album released digitally. The music style was mainly techno/trance.
The biggest distribution platform for unsigned artists at that time was mp3.com.
Talla3 had some success there with over 2 million downloads back in the year 2000 with several high placements in the trance/techno charts.
The track "Static Mind" was also included in a compilation CD that was distributed in 250000 copies in the US before the site was shut down a couple of years later.

Up to date he has released 9 albums, 2 EPs and 16 singles with the different aliases he's using; "Talla3", "Celestrion", "One Human Machine",
"Electro Alien Beat", "Biophase", "ROT8" and "HYPE", all with different styles and combinations of genres.

All his material is released thru his small independent label & sci-fi inspired music production studio: "Talla3 Production".

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